Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vegans Autocomplete Me

This post is an attempt to get a glimpse at people's stereotypes of vegans by using Google's autocomplete feature. By better understanding how people feel about vegans, we can better counter these stereotypes and open people up to considering the more important aspects of our animal rights message.

Looking through all of these I'd say the most common stereotypes are that vegans are weak, unhealthy, and annoying. In particular protein deficiency still seems to be a major misconception in addition to the idea that we are all skinny and pale. The idea that vegans are angry and gassy doesn't seem to be unusual either.

There is one bit of good news however. Apparently we can read minds.


  1. Hahaha, psychic? Really?
    Awesome post, I've loved the flurry of new post you got going as of late.

  2. Psychic is problem a reference to Scott Pilgrim which came out recently. From wikipedia:

    "Scott then tries to attack Todd, but is stopped by his psychic 'vegan' powers."